Jumaat, Ogos 20, 2004

Mixed fruit juice

Went to THE press conference. Became an intern again. Thanks Ili. He had his extension hair on. First impression, wow! Haha. Macam tak kenal. Macam nk makan orang punya. Macam ganas. Macam k0ffin kans3r. The moment he saw me, he started pointing to that hair and like... "okay tak rambut?" Okay, okay..LOL.
The song? It's nice...if I can somehow delete the girl's voice. Aiyak. Pening kepala jek dgr. Main problem is, she sings with no soul. That one song, he and his groupmates were pouring their hearts out and then she started singing and dush! Potong stim betul. The whole album...zero soul. Nada. I read the lyrics and cam...eh, ni macam lagu cam ganas2, cam kena nakal2 ke whatever...tapi hambarnya dia nyanyi! Bla bla bla bla. Feel tu kena ada, baru everything else will fall into place. Or maybe, I've been watching too much Af.
His groupmates must be curious. Nape awek nih ada kat sini. It helps to have friends, dudes. Thanks again, Ili.
Saw Ya, Peon and Zeffi later that nite. First pergi cafe cum kedai perabot milik Ya's family. Cool place. I love my Ice Blended Cappucino. Sedap gilakk. Thanks Ya sbb belanja. Had a debate with Zeff later, nak pergi Syed ke D.E. Last2 kata Zeff, "Syed ar, kasi can kat kau." Haha. Kasi can pun kasi can ar. M00se joined us there. Been seeing him quite a lot lately. But who can blame us, right? Haha.
Got back home at 4.
It feels so good being unemployed.
But he's going to have a photography session with THAT magazine. hahaha. Yeah...that half porn, half Islamic mag. Take a wild guess.
So I'm having this mixed feeling about the whole thing. Happy for him for he's doing something he likes, risau coz he's like a bit terumbang ambing with studies and stuufs, he told me as much...and takut for...that. Can't say.
Yeahh...support tetap support punya. Hahaha...you go, man!

him with his extended hair. and the rest of dineros. muka buat duit neh...haha

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