Khamis, September 16, 2004


Talked to Dol about Abah's condition. Then we started talking bout other stuffs to keep my mind of it. Asked him if he ever...(untuk Min, isi tempat kosong). Min and I was positive he has. But he said dia tak pernah melakukan itu. Like I expected. See, Min??! But then he went on saying "kau lagi ar tak pernah kan, kau kan budak baik" and my heart almost dropped. If only he knew.
Maybe he did know. That's just his way of saying it. Dol, never make any sense. Pakkal la kau tu dah nak bertunang, lagi nak suruh aku serbis kau, hantu betol!

Met M00se for another comfort talk. I was saying, "if they're gonna cut his liver, he can have mine" and then he said something that totally bikin aku cair..."and you can have mine" Owh. Saya sayang awak. (aku tau, this is so geli2 kan. Skip)
Anyway, we were sitting in my car, talking, when a p0lice car came. (M00se would not be happy if he founds out I am writing this in my blog but...sila semua berjanji tidak akan beritahu dia k??!) Anyway, the p0licemen took my ic, and asked us to follow them somewhere. To a petrol station. To make a deal. They want to call J41S, unless...Basically, they left leaving my wallet Rm80 lighter. Should have let them call J41S though, boleh kahwin free. Hahaha.
Just a note: We weren't doing anything wrong in that car. No need to get your imaginations running wild. We were just talking. Betul beb!
I was laughing my heads off the whole way back...either because memang sangat lucu, ataupun my sense of humor dah gone hay-wire. M00se bengang gilek dengan pak p0lis1 itu. Eh, tapi inikan kisah klasik untuk masa depan! Kang boleh cerita kat anak cucu...oppps (kes pikir jauh sangat)

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