Isnin, September 20, 2004


Abah has been informed about his condition. Dr. Nazim talked to him this morning. I guess Dato' Dr. Haron tak sampai hati. Padahal he came to see Abah earlier. I was scared being the only one there. Cannot imagine how he would react. And how I am going to act.
He took it very well actually. Better than all of us. But then again, he was not told exactly what we have been told. Certain things has been kept from him. And Dr. Nazim punye cara to inform pun, like it's not so serious.
But it is.
He didn't know we knew. So he told us...

we're gonna do all we can. Please pray with us ya?


another update, he and I decided to cool it off for a while. Please don't ask why. Am actually quite happy with the arrangement. Still hope things would work out. We're still seeing each other a lot. Smsing like there's no tomorrow. On the phone, tak yah cakap la. He's still 'anugerah terindah yang pernah ku miliki'. Owh, geli geli. And we're still in love. Tambah geli kan? haha.
But why do I say we're cooling it off?
Coz we are.

And I miss him so.

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