Selasa, September 21, 2004

Woke up with mata yang merah dan berair. Mak cakap... "saket mata nih, pergi naik bilik balik!" Was supposed to go to the hospital today, shift pagi lagi. Dah mata cam p0nti4nak h4rum sund3l m4l4m, tak berani lah. Kang tak pasal2 bikin wabak pulak kat DSH tu.
Bangun2 tengok mata dah ok.
Aik. Hmm...Guess it's not conjunctivitis after all.

Mak called. She said Abah just called her and discuss about his situation. He asked her when is the suitable time to let the young ones know, especially Ettah since she's taking PMR in 2 weeks time, and he's not sure how she'll take it.
Decision's made. He'll talk to all 9 of us this weekend.

He also told her, he already's gall bladder cancer.

Stage 4.

And he's going on with chemotheraphy.


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