Isnin, Oktober 11, 2004


Last night, went jalan2 cari makan in bangsar with rest of the ak0 clan. Well most of us, at least. There's moi, kekure, hamtaro, bear and of course ak0, with 2 additional members, izan and fairuz. Had a very muhibbah dinner sitting by the roadside, sharing food from the same plates. Brought back a lot of memories, from my primary school days, when we'd be sharing lunches from canteen or yang dibawa dari rumah before playing teng2 or batu seremban diwaktu rehat, from my ssp days, owh...ssp days memang so full of makan! Sangat banyak memories of FOOD!
Then uni10 days...especially during this one seminar, Aida, Faie, Anis and I...shared food with Wong, Arul and Rudran. Perfect picture of M4laysi4 muhibbah.
Dan hidup saya sebagai seorang stalker...sheilaganks, walaupon i miss er0ss, miss y'all lebeyh lagi. :)
After bangsar, hang out at lyna's place, sambung pesta makan2 sambil tonton dvd. Wr0ng turn, cerita pasal orang makan orang. Kenapalah orang handsome mesti dimatikan dulu. Spoil la.
Planned to kidnap him after sending Nana and Kekure back, tapi macam rasa tak larat. So i didn't. Dah balik rumah rasa menyesal pulak tak kidnap since both of us have difficulty to fall asleep last night, might as well went out for a drink. Anyway, me tidur dulu...until...
He called about 4 a.m, me? was fast asleep. He just wanted me to listen to a song. Well, a song he sang. Check out this entry's title and you'll know what song. Auuww...schweet nya! Ahaks. Dan seperti saya janjikan, saya enggan taruk ayat geli2 lagi dalam blog ini. Maka akan saya hentikan entry ini di sini. Hahaha.

Have a good day, people.

*Shamam, Memel...lama tak dengar cerita kamu.

*Tahun ini ada plan lagi ke bukak pose di hotel? Lemme know. I still hold the card. Nyeh Nyeh.

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