Isnin, Oktober 11, 2004

My car, my baby

Every one should be veryyyy proud of me.

For I, have cleaned my car. Finally. Hahaha.

Many good things happen to people who clean their cars. Remember Lissa, she found a huge diamond ring, probably belong to the wannabe cd-snatcher. And me, I found my diamond bracelet back! Wehhuuuu!!!
Have no idea how come I didn't see it there before. Anyway, kena baiki sikit, it's broken but at least I have it back.

Anyway, as I was wiping the interior of my car with damp cloth, I felt like I was falling in love. With the car. Seriously. Ahakks...

Anyway, we cooked laksa srwk arinih at home. Nyum nyum...sangat kenyang. But we're still hungry for lurvveeee...aren't we, kekure? Hahaha. Perhaps somebody will get lucky tonight. :p

Amenda lah aku merepek kerepek ni.

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