Khamis, Oktober 07, 2004

Silent is golden?

I have silent readers, rupanya. All blogs should have silent readers. Thank you for reading. And I quote Cinot... "it really is the best way to communicate anyway. u write & everyone reads. so much better than retelling the same stories to more than 1 person." unquote.
However, there's a group of people whom I don't expect would read this blog but are reading it. Has taken a lot of precautions to keep them away. God knows how long they have found out about this. And they made cute, smart remarks about the stuffs I wrote too. Only not to me. To the other people I wrote about. Some other people I wrote about don't even come to read this blog. So they do not know what exactly I wrote but assumed it's very...umph...revealing.
I think there's nothing wrong with the things I wrote. I don't write my secrets. But then, rupanya some people around me would rather have me not write about them. They are not comfortable with people knowing what-when-where so on so forth, about the things they did with me. Okay, I respect that.
Will have to be extra, extra, extra careful about what I write kah? So that I will not offend anyone?
Or maybe people reading this blog has to be extra, extra, extra open minded...accept the fact that it's MY blog so keep your comments for me? There's that tagboard there by the way, if you guys didn't notice. And if there's anything yang kamu2 tak mengerti, ask. Don't make assumptions.
Or the people I wrote about should be extra, extra, extra understanding that I do not meant to offend them, and I keep that in mind everytime, and I really have the right to write, you know.

Should I move again?

It's so tiring.

Alamat blog ni kan jomcakap. Cakap la apa korang nak cakap. Cakap la dengan saya. Di sini.

Boleh tak?

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