Sabtu, Disember 25, 2004

1 tan, 2 tan gula...3 tan...

sorry for the long silence. Been busy kira gule. Literally. Kena panjat stacks of kampit gule, naik forklift, pakai jeans to the office, lari2 anak keliling gudang, berjemur bawah panas matahari...penat siot. But it was whole lot of fun. The store ppl were so much friendly too, very helpful dan memahami aku yang baru mula kerja, terkedek2 nak menekan calculator. Not to mention, some of them working in the stores were much cuter than the ones I see in the office. Hmm...manis cam gule. Hahah...heaven nya kerja dgn org store.

As for the abang geli2 geleman tu, he's still around. Apparently dia "tak ada konsep putus asa dlm hidop abg". Tapi kalau dia cuti, bosan jugak hidup aku, takde org nak buat aku ketawa cam nak pecah perut dgn kebodohan nya.
Hari tu, another abg geli geleman been messaging shanen, member aku. Sekali dia terforward kat shanen, benda yg dia tgh chat with abg geli geleman aku, discussing us.
-weh,apa kata kita ajak shan1za dgn far1na gi mkn bigm4c kat mcD g1ant?
=okay, kau ajak shaniza, aku ajak farina, amacam?
-cantekkk...sabau beb, aku tgh ayat la ni

hahaha...bangang or what ni y'all? siap ada konspirasi nak ajak gi dating. Specifically, kat mcD giant. Makan bigm4c. Thanks, but no thanks.

Met Mie and Ull the other day. Mie dah makin kachak, katanya perut makin buncit. ke? Aku tgk macam masih pejant4n t4ngguh gak. Pakkal lah kau ckp anggap aku mcm adik. lah bang.

Have anyone seen adverts for 'Bl4st 0ff!'? M00se's group, S0ul D1n3ro is in it. Me myself have never seen them on tv but have been getting reports from those who have, including a collegue who called and said she saw someone in 'Bl4st 0ff! Highlights' looking suspiciously like a guy photographed with me at my convo. of luck to him and his buddies...probably will head to oren to watch them perform next 2 weeks, anyone wanna go?

And owh, a friend said my life revolves to much around my work lately. Maybe he's right. Weekends pun kerja, even Sunday. Last week, Abah masuk hospital. Maka lagilah tak kemana, lepas kerja pergi hospital sampai midnite, balik rumah tidur.
No, I ain't complaining. Just hoping ppl would understand. Am not making stories. I am very much tied with really sorry, will make it up to you guys some time...k?

Meanwhile, do remember...i love y'all. Take care...

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