Selasa, Jun 28, 2005

Curik dari blog kak im

Choose an artist/band and answer using their song

My Choice: D3W4

Are you male or female: K1R4NA
Describe yourself: EL4NG
How do some people feel about you: M4TAHARI, BUL4N, BINT4NG
How do you feel about yourself: S4TU
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: ROM4N PICIS4N
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: K4MUL4H S4TU-S4TUNYA
Describe where you want to be: ANG1N
Describe what you want to be: HIDUP INI IND4H
Describe how you live: AKU TET4PL4H AKU
Describe how you love: MIST1kUS C1NT4
Share a few words of wisdom: H4D4PI DENG4N SENYUM4N

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