Khamis, Oktober 27, 2005


i didn't realize my previous entry got so much response. friends calling from all over the globe, the sms, the emails...when was the last time i told u guys i love y'all?

In case it was so damn long ago,


many asked, how am i doing. I feel good...better than when I was with him. Shanice asked me to go for medical check up, there might be something wrong with my brain. For it seems like nothing has happened. Well, nothing life altering.

In a way, nothing has.

Buka puasa with Mr. Poyo tomorrow. Oh by the way Encik, thanks for ur testi. That was just so kind of you. Can't imagine anyone like to receive my cili padi words, but u seem to enjoy it so much, eh? hahaha...

I'm signing off now, just thought I should make a short entry to let everyone know....


p/s: Guys, ehem ehem...I am single too. Muahahhaha! (No, I am not THAT desperate.)

Ahad, Oktober 09, 2005

Conf3ssion of a T33nage Dr4ma Qu33n

Dalam hujan.
Projet Shah Alam.
Kereta Honda.
2 perempuan, 1 lelaki.
Diulang, hujan.
Perempuan A bertudung. Perempuan B tidak.
Lelaki pakai baju yang Perempuan A belikan dari Bandung. Perempuan B tarik-tarik baju tu, Perempuan A kata, eh jangan, I bought this!!
Lelaki marah Perempuan A. Sebab Perempuan A yang call Perempuan B dan menyebabkan semua penipuan Lelaki terbongkar. Lelaki pasang 2. Classic story.
Dan Lelaki marah sebab Perempuan A nak call family Lelaki dan bagitahu apa Lelaki dah buat.
Yang Lelaki dah lenjan Perempuan B.
Tapi Perempuan B kata dia tak kisah. Walaupun Lelaki kata dia tak nak kahwin dengan Perempuan B.
Sebab Perempuan B sayang.
Perempuan A konpius.
Ternyata sangat padan lah Perempuan B dan Lelaki itu.
Mereka berdua bodoh.
Lelaki kata pada Perempuan A, "Saya tak mahu jumpa awak lagi. Awak jangan nak mengada-ngada rapat dengan keluarga saya lagi!"
Perempuan A senyum. "Okay. Tak kisah. Salam dulu, kita pisah cara baik-baik."
Lelaki sangat marah. Dia tak mahu salam.
Maka Perempuan A menampar Lelaki itu dan terus menaiki keretanya dan meluncur pergi.

To Perempuan A: He doesnt deserve you.
To Lelaki: Insaflah
To Perempuan B: Wake up. He's just using you for money and sex.

Happiness Is The Truth

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