Ahad, November 06, 2005


Been dragging lyna to raya with me and family these past couple of days. Really hoped she's been enjoying herself with us. Babe, u've been great.
As usual, I had to go thru with the normal routine of 'Bila nak kahwin?' Q&A session, in which I finally use the sentence I've been practicing for this whole year...
"Sekarang pun saya nak, jodoh je tak sampai lagi"
It's a very productive answer, since I am born into a family of match makers. They have started lining up blind dates for me.
My first reaction...ey, tak nak lah!
Then the questions came...why? and why not?
Soalan yang ini, aku tak tahu nak jawab.

Bak kata Dhani..."hadapi dengan senyuman".

Last afternoon, *surprise, surprise*, went to HIS home to beraya. Called his bro first to let him know we're coming. HE was right up front in the lawn when lyna n i arrived. Hahaha...my guts almost terbang melayang-layang bila nampak dia. Almost. Went in, met the whole family, mkn kerepek lada hitam, air zam-zam, macam2, shared lots of laugh...while he lock himself away in his room. Cute, avoiding me in his own house. Almost pitied him for having to do that. Almost. The mom's quite pelik why the whole time I was there, he wasn't around. Put two and two together, I think she'd come to a conclusion, eventually.

"hadapilah ini...kisah kita takkan abadi..."

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