Ahad, November 13, 2005

Words for a 'wise' guy

Heard some one has been talking bad about me. The beauty of it, he doesn't even know me. He hasn't even talk to me and yet he doesn't like me. Well, saying "hai, dah lama sampai?" followed by, "datang sorang je?" isn't considered having a conversation. Here's some news, I never liked you too. Just like that boy has been selling stories about me to you, he's been bad mouthing you to me. Ha ha ha.

And just like he lied to me, why wouldn't he lie to you too?

You might consider what ever you are doing as protecting the image of those boys you are taking care of. I consider what ever I am doing as trying to help him do what he must to change it. See the difference?

Do yourself and them a favor. Stop selling your cute tales. It's sick. And the more you talk, the more people will realize what a moron he is. And you'd seem like a moron too for trying to cover that up.

As I was a moron for believing in him before.

You use the masses to get your words to people. Right now your words aren't able to hurt me, simply because we don't belong to the same circle. Don't u realize it will only reflect on you guys?

I hope these words get to you. And for your sake, stop it. Only he and I know what exactly happened. Hasn't it ever occured to you that there's always two-sides of that story? Don't pass judgement of me just based on what he said.

Hell, I don't even care.

Sudahlah, aku muak dengan segala kebodohan ini.

Note: Gilakan dia? Gilakan dia my ass.

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