Sabtu, Mac 04, 2006

40 questions you dont really want to answer

1 Where are you right now?
-my room

2. How's ur mood today?
- bad. having a high fever sure made my emotions go haywire.

3. What song are u listening to at the moment?
- cinta by K.D and m3lly

4. Do u think your partner is sexy?
- very!

5. One reason for livin?
- does everything need a reason?

6. Ever donated blood ?
- errmmm, nope.

7. Fave color? Fave number?
- pink, 5

8. Fave accessories you usually wear?
- my diamonds rings.

9. One song to describe a heartbreak in the past?
- k4rm4 by c0kelat.

10. Last time u went out with ur friends?
- friends... last weekend

11. Last time u said love?
- 2 hours ago via sms.

12. Last movie u watched?
- jomblo

13. Have a person that u love?
- yes

14. One song to describe your relationship rite
- dealova (auuuwww!!! so sweet!! haha..)

15. Fave cartoon series?
- sin chan

16. Fave Disney Character?
- mickey mouse

17. Most interesting activity?
- travelling

18. Most boring tv programme?
- chit ch4t azw4n

19. Ever wished you could turn back time?
- yeah

21. What would you do if you woke up & found
yourself as the opposite sex?
- huhuhuhu...its gonnna freakin me out.

22. What do u have planned for tomorrow?
- nothing. sleeping kot.

23. Your biggest regret?
- not saying 'i love you' to Arwah Abah as much as I should have, as muc as he deserves.

24. Are you a people person?
- yeah, i think so.

25. Do you think u're cute/pretty/handsome?
- dengan pede nya aku mengatakan aku cantik dan imut...hahaha...

26. Last game u played? with who?
- kat pc ni, main bejewelled.

27. Who's no. 2 are on ur speed dial?
- emak

28. The colour of your mobile phone.
- silver

29. Do you hate anyone? Have any enemies?
- tak adala sampai tahap membenci. menyampah tu, ada!

30. Who do u wish is with u at the moment?
- encik kambing. :-)

31. where do u feel like going?
- inside his head

32. Fave vacation places in Jakarta?
- the malls, blok m, ancol pun okay walaupun kata orang the rides macam nak membunuh.

33. What are you looking fwd to this month?
- an increment, pls oh pls!

34. What was the last thing u wished for?
- a HUGE increment

35. what u gonna be in future?
- pemilik bistro yang keren dan hebat dan sukses. yuk, ull?

36. What you like to do during free time?
- reading

37. Favourite types of song?
- indo songs

38. Ways that you wish ur partner to behave?
- i'll let him know in my own time.

39. What is currently in your mind?...
- sleepy...the pills are beginning to take charge of me.

40. What u gonna do after this?
- sleep!

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