Selasa, Mac 14, 2006


i'm bored. i cant remember how i used to fill my nights before. it's like...i don't used to feel so bored begini pun dulu??
but i don't feel like going out pun. so tired of getting ready, taruk bedak, taruk perfume, taruk ubat ketiak, (otherwise known as deodorant),gosok baju, utk keluar kejap je...malas aku. Adakah saya dijangkiti sindrom kemalasan terlampau??

I've finished reading most of my books. The ones I have not read, are the ones I have no desire what so ever to read at the moment. I want books. Can anyone suggest any good ones?

To the people who commented about me making a come back online, heheyyy...i bought my self a pc! Kiss kiss the pc. The pc table, Cik Lyna yang sedekah. Such a sweet soul. Then mak completed the picture by buying me this computer chair. Yeah, I guess I can safely say I am broke, between the recent indo trip, the newly acquired pc and some other couldn't be avoided miscellaneous expenses...aku sengkek bulan ini.

Maybe that explains why aku bosan tapi enggan keluar rumah? Like, minyak naik 30 sen okay??!!

Etah (my sis lar) just celebrated her 16th bday. Encik B3langkas and I shared giving her that perfume she's been saving her money for. Minah tu punyalah excited! hello, girl, Kak Ngah sure spray sikit perfume awak tu on me one day! Percayalah!

Sweet of him to wanna give her something too. I heart u. Tau tak?

Besok cuti. Suddenly I don't know what the heck to do. Maybe I'll go to klia and back, just for the sake of wasting time?

Nah, wouldn't do. Minyak naik 30 sen.


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