Rabu, Mac 29, 2006

had a 'discussion' with encik belangkas which involved some major hand gestures and ear pulling. thank God, no gusti. close to it though. hahaha. once we have settled our differences, he asked, "are u going to write about this in ur blog?" to which I replied no.

But I changed my mind. Hahaha...I am a female, I can be fickle minded, harap maklum.

Although so many words escaped my mouth just now, I can hardly remember a thing. Maybe he'd go home and give the 'discussion' a review and can't remember a thing about it too. Only the making up part, mungkin :D . But then again, maybe I didn't get so lucky and some of my thoughtless words has sunk deep and left him wounded.

To which, I apologize from the heart of my broken bottom. Ampun!!

This next few paragraph are going to sound ultra mushy so anyone with a weak heart sila teruskan ke blog lain, atau posting lain, atau mana2 je la korang suka.

Ashr4f S1ncl4ir wrote something nice in Cl3o for his 50 most budak nakal resume.
"I know she's special when we get into our first fight and I realise she is worth fighting for and more important to me than my pride" unquote.

Encik, this is definitely not our first fight, and I am sure it won't be the last. I just pray u'd always be worth fighting for. InsyaALLAH.

p/s: and I didn't even fire you for that comment u made on my tagboard ye. Hahaha...see, i am so baik.

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