Ahad, Mac 05, 2006

killing time

Q1) Ever been given a ring? + from mak, a few times...sekarang tinggal dua masih aku pakai
Q2) Longest relationship? + ermmm...tak ingat lah.
Q3) Last gift you gave? + abg aril's twin girl...some begs and watches
4) How many times have you dropped your cell? + tak terkira
Q5) Last sport played? + sukan air (dalam erti kata lain, mandi. haha)
Q6) Things you spend a lot of money on? + this pc
Q7) Three things you ate last? + antibiotic, panadol and some biscuits
Q8) What you notice first about the opposite sex? + his smile
Q9) One favorite song: + dealova
Q10) Where do you live? + pj
Q11) High school you attended? + sspkl
Q12) Cell phone service provider? + c3lcom
Q13) Favorite Mall store? + mana2 aje
Q14) Longest job held? + my current job of penghitung gula
Q15) Do you own a pair of dice? + nope
Q16) Do you prank call people? + pernah, masa muda mudi.
Q17) Last wedding attended? + last month
Q18) First friend you call if you won the lottery? + tak sure ar.
Q19) Last time you attended church? + tak de nye
Q20) Favorite fast food restaurant? + BK
Q21) Biggest lie you've heard? + That he loves me.
Q22) Where do you work? + kilang gula
Q23) Where do you go to college? + uniten
Q24) Can you cook? + enough cooking skill to save my ass.
Q25) What kinda car do you drive? + kenari
Q26) Best kisser? + i dont kiss and tell. hahahaha --->go figure!
Q27) Last time you cried? + just tonite. heard about lin's father's passing away, recalled how arwah abah went, remembering how it felt.
Q28) Most hated food? + i dont hate food.
Q27)Thing you Like the most about yourself? + a lot. hahahaaa
Q30) Thing you hate most about yourself? + kepedean saya yang terlalu ketika menjawab soalan sebelum ini ;p
Q31) Have a secret you can't tell? + a lot
Q32) Longest shift worked? +longest...i dont work shifts tapi paling lama pun...maybe 7am to 5 pm kot?
Q33) Favorite movie? + grease!
Q34) Can you sing? + i'm the next m4laysia id0l, people! (ye lah tu!!)
Q35) Last concert attended? + p3ter p4n concert dalam lumpur.
Q36) Favorite restaurant? + tup4i2 and the strobery fields.
Q37) Last movie rented? + tak rent movies
Q38) Favorite alcoholic drink? + dont drink those stuffs
Q39) Thing you never leave home without? + money & hp
Q40) Immediate vacation spot? + sungai congkak
Q41) Reason you did this survey? + buang masa....~

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