Sabtu, Mac 25, 2006

People... if you agree with this, repost this just so that everyone can read this and appreciate their girls more...

The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..
The way she loves you..
The way she tries to please you...
Always remember that.

She can always walk away, getting someone else
Who can love and cherish her more.
For all you know, there IS someone out there,
Wooing her ; but she is rejecting,
that "maybe" perfect love for her..

There might also be someone out there who's willing
To love her more than you are loving her now,
Fulfill her every need and love her as much as she loves you.
Understand that.

Girls have a huge guilty concience. ...
Imagine this, guys.
When you are holding her today... and then you cheat on her by
Hugging and kissing another girl.
And then you run back to her at the end of the day
And start hugging and kissing her but; instead of lust,
You see the love in her eyes...

What do you think?
Do you feel the hurt?
Can you feel the guilt?

She loves you not because you are good looking,
have money,
buy her things,
make her parents happy,
or that you have a car.

She loves you for who you are.

Your every touch,
Every word you say,
Everything you do.

Guys. Cherish and appreciate your girl.
Don't break her fragile heart.
She is the only one who can love you that way.
You won't wanna regret letting go of that special girl you have.

For everything she has done for you,
The least you can do is to give her unconditional love
As she has given to you.

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