Ahad, Mac 19, 2006

The Things Only A Mom Would Do

Last Thursday had to attend a seminar in Plaza P3r4ngs4ng (who ever thought of that name for a building??!) so I was away from the office for half a day. Mak cuti. She bought the famous nasi lemak T4ng Lin, 3 bungkus of them, and whisked it off to my office. Called Shanen up and passed it to her. 3 bungkus, for me, Shanen and Kak Ana.

The next day, she woke up at 5.30 and started baking Engl1sh Sc0nes. Dia taruk atas pinggan kaca yg cantik, lengkap dgn butter and pisau and apa lagi, for me to bring to the office. Officemate absolutely love it. Sayang tak cukup untuk semua orang.

My Mom's a gem. Love u Mak.

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