Rabu, Mac 29, 2006

work...is okay. averaging between *beep*ing great and *beep*ing stressful, so it's just plain ol' okay. it's been almost a year since i got my confirmation kat kilang yang 'permai' tu. still has a huge deal to learn, i still only have a vague idea on why i decided on doing accg in the first place. most of the time, aku blur. why eh aku amik akaun!??

been given an increment (hurray! now, please dont start calling me and ask for belanja makan okay? hahaha), more responsibilities , more work, more subordinates. one of them had a slight problem with me before, so i was a bit stressed up thinking how to make our working relationship as pleasant as possible. berpeluh aku fikir. can't the company send me to one of those 'how to jaga ur subordinates elok2' training or something to that effect? quick. tapi in a way, i kinda like this challenge. lots of ppl are saying i won't be able to work things out. nothing like a reverse psychology attempt could get me more determine.

i usually hang out with these 2 ladies in the office. we go almost everywhere together. come May, they'd be leaving me for the head quarters. boohoo. not that i am not being friends with the others but they have a certain mindset that i would like to avoid rubbing on to me. Negativity berjangkit, okay. So I had managed to keep them chummy but at an arm's length. Only lately has I started hanging out with them, andddd thennnnn someone has to say this to me

"lama2 dengan diorang, awak pun nanti fikiran macam diorang."

Ya Allah, jauhkan lah!

i want to break away. ili's invitation to go to bali sounds great, but i need to reserve cuti for end of this year when mak goes to mekah to perform haj.

aku nak bercuti. ada tak orang boleh suggest percutian yang menawan kalbu hati sanubari dan tak memakan masa yang lama dan tidak costly?

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