Rabu, April 05, 2006

4 jobs i have in life
-accounts officer
-mom's and siblings' taxi driver
-official tukang potong kuih dan kek di kantor
-motivator (to self)

4 movies i can watch over and over
-tak biasa
-any p.ramlee's movie
-kuch kuch hota hai! hahaa

4 tv shows i love to watch
-akedemi f4ntasi4. (gelaklah, gelak...)
-The O.C

4 places i've lived in
-kuala lumpur
-shah alam
-petaling jaya
-bandung (well, that's where my heart lives :p)

4 places i've been on vacation to
-south korea
-jakarta/bandung (technically these are 2 places but since I went to both in one trip, so...)

4 places i'd rather be in
-europe. i want to go to paris!
-Mecca and Madina.
-bandung. hehehe
-just here. at home.

4 of my favourite food
-masak lemak cili padi (especially of ikan patin or ikan pari. couldn't resist!)
-nasi goreng yang pedas2
-mee kari at this place in bangsar. yummy!!!
-anything my mom masak, definitely.

4 websites i visited daily
-google (kira website ke ni? mcm tak je.)

4 victims to do this tag
-fadli (if he ever read this)
-lissa (haaha, tak kira, sila update blog kamu!)

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