Selasa, April 18, 2006

i have, a sick cat. not sick as in, physically sick, tapi as in mentally sick. here's the story.

When i got back from work today, he was lazing around under the sun, but rushed to the door upon seeing me. Which, I thought was oh-so-sweet, he knew the door would be opened and I thought, he wanted to play inside.

So I thought.

Once the door was opened, he then rushed upstairs. So I followed him.

And there he was, perched on a cushion, on my bed with it's fresh sheets, waiting for me to enter the room.

With his eyes on mine, like telling me..."Watch me, lady!" He pissed. And he ran out selepas itu.

And there was one time, he was outside the room, begging me to let him in. Masuk2 je...he looked and me in the eye, and pissed on the bag I bought from Singapore. And he ran out selepas itu.

It's like, he wants me to watch him doing it?? Yucks!! Oh, and once I was taping him on videocan and he starts to lick himself...korang sure tak nak tahu punya lah.

Such a show off!! And I think he has a personal vendetta against me. Adakah aku paranoid??!!

Tapi jangan risau, with much cleaning and heaving and shoving the mattress down the stairs, and a generous spray of Febreeze, we manage to get rid of the piss and smell.

But this has got to stop. Wahai kucing, ada apa dengan mu??!!!!

Yang berikut ini tiada kena mengena dgn kucing sewel saya:-

Pakcik dan Makcik (soon to be Papa and Mama)

Suasana dlm hujan renyai, di PMI, 5-6 person berteduh under 1 poncho pakai buang...waiting for the rain to stop and the show to resume...

Aku: look at that lady...dia mengandung ke? Oh..tak. (the lady in question sebenarnya had a backpack to the front of her body, then dia cover with jacket. so nampak mcm pregnant)

Makcik: Kenapa kalau pregnant?

Aku: Kesian lah, for a pregnant lady to be in this situation.


Aku: Huh??! (muka tak percaya)

Makcik: Aku pregnant. Dah 2 bulan, masuk 3.

Aku: Whaaat?! Congratulations!!!

Pakcik: Congrats kat aku lah! Aku yang score.

Aku: It's teamwork la wehh!!

What a way to break the news!

Congrats, congrats. Do you know, you guys inspired a conversation between Cik Kikin and I the next day. How nice it would be to be mom-to-be. Kikin said, It's sexy to have that perut boyot. Ahaks...let's see how sexy this makcik gets.

Oh ye, kaki saya dah okay, yuk ronggeng lagi!!

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