Khamis, Mei 11, 2006

For the first time I took an EL today. Seriously not in the mood to go to work, so I created a story and voila! Tak pergi kerja. Instead, I woke up late and potong rambut, servis kereta, and...
Ambil MYKAD.
So I'll be celebrating my 24th bday with a MYKAD instead of still gambar black and white IC. Hahaha...*hinst hinst bangga sampai kembang idong*
Thank God I didnt look too hideous on it. Tudung aku senget sikit tapi okaylah, tak nampak tembam sgt. hahaha...
That, is my main concern!

Then he came to my house. I thought we were going out somewhere, so I excitedly got dressed. Rupanya he only singgah to give me my bday gift. It was a very nice, pink Guess! watch. Hurrayyy!!

All I asked from him was to spend some time with me on my birthday. Little did I know he took it literally?

And I wont be seeing him on my bday too. Tak apa lah, beggars can't be choser.

i'm sure he didn't realise i bit my lips to stop myself from crying.

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