Ahad, Julai 02, 2006

Whole last nite lepak kat H4rt4mas Square with Yayee, Hana and Sut, plus Sut's bf and his friend. The plan was to watch footie. Wasn't planning on staying until after Brazil vs France's game tapi they were keen on it and why the heck not, kan. WC only happens once in four years and that bra&fra game is definitely a must watch!
Makanya kami di situ from 9pm to 5am plus.
Tak perlulah review about the results, sure satu dunia dah tahu. 2 giant upsets. Tapi saya suka orang portugis itu menang. Kata my cousin, "tak kisah ko sokong yang mana2, 2-2 tu pernah jajah kita". Never thought my cousin as a patriotic soul. Haha...Tapi sedih tak dapat melihat senyuman R0naldinho lagi (some says, he's not really smiling. He doesn't have any choice, he has to smile, he can't shut his mouth. Jahat kan??) and my beloved K4ka is going home.
After the ladies drop me at my place at around 6am, aku mandi2, tidur kejap for like 30 minutes, woke up, get dressed and...

Pergi Kerja.

Seriously. Had to be in the office by 8am this morning, ada stock check. That means, we have to go dalam warehouse and kira gula. Kira guni lah, bukan kira grain! Haish. Needless to say, I look like crap. Haven't done it in ages. It was fun, tapi my body dah rasa lain macam. Sigh. Just like my boss said, sacrifices has to be made. Nak kerja, tapi nak bersosialisasi juga, maka...badan aku lah yang merana. Must detox. Must exercise. Must rest. Must.

I better head to bed, am off to an early start tomorrow, ada stock check lagi kat Westport.

Owh...lupa. What's with my love life. Hmmm...anggap je non-existing. Peace.

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