Khamis, November 30, 2006


I'm finally back. Akhirnya, after 2 years, I have been granted access to the internet in the office. Major achievement? Hardly. Well, depends on how u see it. I'm just glad I'm back surfing. So again...


Hehe...eksaited plak. Forgive me for the (very!) long hiatus. So what's the update since my last I heart my sheilagank post...lets see, Raya was a blast (for more than just 1 reason), I have got rid of the idiot I used to go out with (yippeee!!), am currently singling n mingling, mak has got off for Haj, friends getting engaged and married, and...I became an auntie again.

Hope it's not too late to welcome the very beautiful Putri Indah Aerissa, daughter of Firdaus and Lissa, to this world. To the parents, congratulations...and na na na naaaa~

I'm off to a meeting in HQ, will write more, let the word out peeps...Farina's back. (God knows how long!)

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