Selasa, Disember 12, 2006

Attended my company's annual dinner accompanied by my young looking cousin.

Amused by the remarks made by colleagues about him...

"Muka nya bersih...licin kulit dia!"

"Budak tu belajar lagi ya?" (tgk backpack je ingat student eh?)

"Muda lagi eh budak tu? Berapa umur dia?"

All this, for a 30 year old man. Budak?? He's a full grown adult. Licinnya kulit??
Is it weird if I feel a tad jealous? I mean...I spend hours in front of the mirror, miroculously making zits dissapear with stila illuminating concealer (btw...this thing works magic!), trying to achieve the "owh-my-skin-tiada-cela" look but perhaps I managed an "okaylah-her-skin-coz-she's-got-makeup-on look"
while him, he came out of the rain looking like a million dollars.

When will I ever learn that it's all about a healthy lifestyle? *sigh*

Repeat this mantra: Must exercise, must eat good food, must have enough sleep, I must, i must, I must!!

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