Sabtu, Disember 23, 2006

You win some, you loose some. You can't have it all. What you can do, is to make the most of what ever you do have, and try to be happy with it.

Kehendak dan keperluan is not the same. There's a thin line which separates those two, to some people to a point that it's so blurry they cant distinguish which is which.

What do you want, people?
I've been asked this question once. I was stumped. I still owe him my answer to this until now.

Do I have no vision that I dont even know what I want?
Do I want soooo much that I cant even begin?
Or do I have everything that I dont want anything else?

Sometimes life isnt about what you want, and what you get. It's also about what you give.

When you give without expecting anything in return, you'd get returns unexpectedly.

When you are judgemental, remember you are not perfect either,
and people can judge you too.
If you dont mind being judge, so screw them lah.

Friendships doesnt just, happen. Like relationships and love, it needs commitment, trust, and effort. But sometimes it comes so naturally that it doesnt seem like you have to work at it. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile for those ppl you call friends.

Dan ianya bukan sebab populariti.

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