Sabtu, Januari 06, 2007


Havent had any weekend off for the past six weeks, except for the day when I went to Pontian for Fara's wedding, and on Hari Raya Iduladha. Work work work.

My body's already sending me signals that it can't take it anymore. I feel stiff. My body ache. My brain can't think straight. I get pissed off rather easily. I laugh at wrong times.

I need a break. One glance at the kalendar shows that I can't take one anytime soon. Have to keep this pace for perhaps another month.

On top of that, my sub-ordinate got sick, she fainted in the office and then got warded, Poor her...
and I've to do her job as well now. I just hope I won't get sick as well. I can't afford that now. I dreamt last nite, that I got sick. Hospitalized. Then my colleagues came for a visit with a box full of files, and a lap top. Hahaha...
I know i've had enough of work when I even have nightmares of it!

If I have so much work to do, why am I blogging? Bcoz otak aku jam lah.

Still, I went for sl4nk's concert ystrday, hoping to revive my spirit. Sl4nk was great, they didnt sing much of the songs i'm familiar with tho'. K4k4 comel gile! Hot hot hot.
The crowd, crazy. Asyik gaduhhhhh aje! So many people got keronyokin. Skeri siot! Dah belasah2 orang, peace-peace plak. Huh...hello, where's the Peace-Love-Unity-Respect y'all??
Thank God for the VIP passes by bro gave me, which gave us seats, instead of having to stand with the crowd of the field. Dont think my system could take the bloody crowd.

Maka, adakah spirit aku revived?
Takdelah, hari ni kena kerja lagi. Besok lagi. Dan hari-hari seterusnya...

Gambatte kudasai!

p/s: aku addicted lagu ni sekarang... huhu...virus!

Aku gak mau menjadi setan yang menakutimu
Aku gak mau menjadi iblis yang menyesatkanmu
Yang aku mau kau mencoba .. tuk mengenal aku
Yang aku mau kau belajar .. tuk mencintai aku
Tulus .. dan apa adanya ..
Aku gak mau seperti api .. membakar hatimu
Aku gak mau seperti duri .. yang melukaimu
Yang aku tahu ku mencoba .. terbuka
Yang aku tau ku sengaja .. tuk slalu bicara
Jujur .. dan apa adanya ..
Aku bisa saja menjadi seperti virus
Yang melumpuhkanmu

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