Ahad, Januari 14, 2007

When the evil green monster called jealousy starts lurking in my heart...i know, i'm in deep shit.
It means I care, a lil bit too much than I'd be comfortable with. And that knowledge actually freaks the hell out of me.

Should I cry for help? To whom? What for?

Maybe it'll go away, this feeling. Maybe he will. Maybe we'll both run towards different direction. And never look back. MAYBE.

Semua pilihan dalam kehidupan ada rintangan, tak perlu kita memilih rintangan seperti apa yg mampu kita jalani, just go with the flow, InsyaAllah. Yakin, Allah know what's best for us.

I pray for the best for myself, dan semoga itu berjaya saya dapatkan.

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