Sabtu, Februari 24, 2007

I've been TAGGED

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

The reasons:
1) i was tagged by yayee
2) i'm bored
3) since when do i need reasons??

ok so here goes the 6 weirdos:

1) I don't really enjoy shopping. Not as much as a girl should. I always blame it as an occupational hazard, i mean...u can only count so much before u go buwek-buweek. My handbags and footwears, are usually gifts from mom/friends/colleagues. Shopping for stuffs sometimes give me headaches. The fact that I wear uniform to office helps, coz I need not buy working attire! Heaven.
However, no...I don't have a large bank account balance. Hahah...I splurge on travelling, so there.

2) i like wearing watches, but to date, no watch has lasted me more than a year. They are either stolen/broken/lost/given to other peeps. So I just don't bother wearing any anymore. Remember that pink Guess watch I got for my birthday last year? The glass cracked, terjatuh kat surau, now entah mana-mana tah. Eheh.

3) I laugh at the wrong times. Well, most of the times. I laugh when I am angry, I laugh when I am sad, I laugh when relationships go bad, I laugh when things are funny (of coz la kan), I laugh masa kereta I kena langgar...
Ppl say I supress my feelings inside too much. Sometimes I wonder if they're correct, but I am not feeling any suppressed feelings pun? But ppl who don't really know me, they'd be confused bout my emotions, bcoz I laugh at lots of things.
Haven't u heard, laughter's the best medicine?

4) i'm a restless driver. I like to kotak-katik the radio frequently, or ketuk2 stereng (mcm main bongo. hehehe), or just main tekan2 hp...anything! This habit of mine has freaked some ppl up, especially first-timers, they'd be like..."farina, keep ur two hands on the wheel!!"
Except for some occasional comments yang mengatakan saya memandu mcm pembalap (duta said this. i shall take it as a compliment! hahaha), I'm a relatively good driver. So I am lead to believe. :D

5) I don't enjoy watching movies in cinemas. I get restless, and slightly claustrophobic. Heheh. Kalau tgk dvd kat rumah can pause-bangun gi dapur-bancuh air milo cicah biskut.

6) PPl say I'm a workaholic, since these days sometimes if they call me on a weekend, I'd be in the office, working. (Or updating my blog. Hahaha...)
I find it weird to be labelled as a workaholic, considering I'm such a pemalas, especially during my ssp and uni days. Friends from uni would remember me and my partners in crime, forever plotting on how to ponteng kelas.
Friends from ssp, hmmm...I especially remember this one day, I was 14, a form 2 student. It was a fine day, the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang was going on in the school hall, so those who were not involved can stay in the dorm. So there I was, along with Ida, berlawan-lawan tgk siapa tidur paling lama. If I wake up first, will look across the dorm to check up on her. If she's still asleep, I'd go back to sleep as well. Vice versa. Takde pekdah!

Eh...dah 6? I was just starting to get a hang of this.

So, the 6 unlucky ppl to be tagged by moi:
1) Kak Yatie
2) Yatt
3) Raudha
4) Jid
5) Lissa
6) Lin

Au revoir!

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yayie comey~ berkata...

hahaha..lawan2 tido.
best gile korang..aku time skola dulu jgn harapppp nk dpt lwn2 tido..kalo dpt tido mase free 10 minit pun dh kire besar rahmattt..haha


ko mmg workaholic!


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