Rabu, Mac 21, 2007

Woke up late today.
You know lah, the usual 'after solat subuh tidur 5 minit kejap' kind of thing, which of course, the nap would last more than 5 minutes. And in my case this morning, wayyyyy more. Woke up with a start, it was like 15 mins to 8, when I'm supposed to be in the office by 8. So, took a deep breath, and texted my boss about having to come in a bit late. Ada emergency. kOnOn. Hehehe.

Then I got a call from the office. Oh-owh, I thought...my boss. Turn out it was just my colleague, with a not so unexpected news... "Depan ofis banjir". WTF.

Selalu okay depan office aku naik air. The reason why I cannot wear nice shoes to the office. So today, dah la masuk lambat, rushing2, meredah selut belukar (okay, aku exaggerating) made me feel a bit, survivor-ish.

Tell me 1 thing, Sh4h al4m ke ni? BANDARAYA ke ni??


Selasa, Mac 20, 2007


(eh, kalau nak contact kau thru email, nak pakai email mana eh? segan aku buat announcement ni. hahaha...)

I've purchased the easyjet tics from Paris to Newcastle, the flight is on 20th June (Wednesday) at 10.30 am,
then back to Paris from London on 25th June (Monday) arriving at 21.40pm.

Other than that, I'm all yours, bebeh. If you want me to make purchases from here pun okay, it's itsy bitsy teeny weeny piece of cake.


Jumaat, Mac 16, 2007


Tried emailing you on yahoo but failed to get ur response, not so sure if you are using that email actually.
Hehehe...maka, kita gunakan cara ini.

Now that I hoped i have got ur attention, dgn penuh rasa gumbira nak bagitau, aku dah beli tic to paris!
Naik MAS, 14th June 11.25 p.m from klia, 6.40 a.m in paris. And back 12.00 p.m 30th june from paris.
Sama seperti yang kita rencanakan. Weeehuuuuu!

okeh, Nak tanya 1 thing je coz I'm gonna need to buy my own tics to uk and back to paris kan, can i buy tic frm paris 20th mlm, and come back 25th mlm juga?
Hope that doesnt clash with any plans u've made.

And...Cant wait to see you!

Anything, lemme know lemme know aite?

Sabtu, Mac 10, 2007

Need help here. Do u guys know, any websites that has a reliable chatbox, where ppl can chat privately?

Somehow gmail doesnt work for him anymore. Kena block or something. And communicating via email sucks, takes sooooo freaking long to get his responses.

I can't possibly use my tagboard here, can I?

Haha...so, any suggestions are most welcomed!

Selasa, Mac 06, 2007

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto - kun.com

intelligent, lazy and leadership qualities all in one?

huhuh..no komen lah.

Ahad, Mac 04, 2007

"S07 is the nicest, most down to earth group" -> kata Fly fm... i couldn't agree more!!!

Btw, suddenly terasa macam nak pergi JB. Over one weekend. Maybe a quick visit to Spore as well. If time permits.


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