Selasa, Mac 20, 2007


(eh, kalau nak contact kau thru email, nak pakai email mana eh? segan aku buat announcement ni. hahaha...)

I've purchased the easyjet tics from Paris to Newcastle, the flight is on 20th June (Wednesday) at 10.30 am,
then back to Paris from London on 25th June (Monday) arriving at 21.40pm.

Other than that, I'm all yours, bebeh. If you want me to make purchases from here pun okay, it's itsy bitsy teeny weeny piece of cake.


3 ulasan:

peon berkata...

gune my yahoo mail.. or send kat due² la senang..
anyway ok la flight tu, becoz if my parents dtg on the 20th, kene gi airport boleh ikut sekali...
orait bebeh

f a r i n a berkata...

tak apa, if you dont go with me to the airport pun, just teach me how to, i wud get my ass there.

Mrs Cey berkata...

bebeh, aku ada shadowing kerja from 26th june till 2nd july. Then mak aku datang for graduation. Tak dapat ikut!!! But the time ko ada kat UK mmg aku ada so will definitely meet up!

my email is

Hope to c u!


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