Jumaat, Mac 16, 2007


Tried emailing you on yahoo but failed to get ur response, not so sure if you are using that email actually.
Hehehe...maka, kita gunakan cara ini.

Now that I hoped i have got ur attention, dgn penuh rasa gumbira nak bagitau, aku dah beli tic to paris!
Naik MAS, 14th June 11.25 p.m from klia, 6.40 a.m in paris. And back 12.00 p.m 30th june from paris.
Sama seperti yang kita rencanakan. Weeehuuuuu!

okeh, Nak tanya 1 thing je coz I'm gonna need to buy my own tics to uk and back to paris kan, can i buy tic frm paris 20th mlm, and come back 25th mlm juga?
Hope that doesnt clash with any plans u've made.

And...Cant wait to see you!

Anything, lemme know lemme know aite?

4 ulasan:

peon berkata...

fuiyoooo dah beli siot
i thought matta fair hasnt started yet??
anyway, boleh², you can buy your tickets to uk, aku rase ok la just nice 20 - 25, coz most probably my parents dtg around 20 or 21 kot.. so ok la rasenye

yeyyy !!

f a r i n a berkata...

matta started on 16 and ended ystrday, 18. but i didnt buy masa matta pun my tics, coz end up klm pun tak join masa matta.
makanya...i bought normal price MAS tics (which is cheaper than KLM).
Aite, nanti aku discuss dgn kak yatie mcm mana.
c ya!

P/s: tell zeff, aku nak rasa dia masak ayam masak kicap. hahahah

yati berkata...

hi sis! ello peon! bagus2..korang dah siap2 beli semua eh. cannot wait maaa...dah lama tak gossips girly2 nieh!!!

sis: who is kaer azami? lagu dia izinku pergi..amatlaa...

f a r i n a berkata...

kaer azami is kaer, ex student AF season 3. jiran i dulu. hahaha..(claim, claim)
ha ah, the song amat mengusik jiwa. agreed!
btw, kak yatie...aishah ada in scotland!

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