Rabu, Mac 21, 2007

Woke up late today.
You know lah, the usual 'after solat subuh tidur 5 minit kejap' kind of thing, which of course, the nap would last more than 5 minutes. And in my case this morning, wayyyyy more. Woke up with a start, it was like 15 mins to 8, when I'm supposed to be in the office by 8. So, took a deep breath, and texted my boss about having to come in a bit late. Ada emergency. kOnOn. Hehehe.

Then I got a call from the office. Oh-owh, I thought...my boss. Turn out it was just my colleague, with a not so unexpected news... "Depan ofis banjir". WTF.

Selalu okay depan office aku naik air. The reason why I cannot wear nice shoes to the office. So today, dah la masuk lambat, rushing2, meredah selut belukar (okay, aku exaggerating) made me feel a bit, survivor-ish.

Tell me 1 thing, Sh4h al4m ke ni? BANDARAYA ke ni??


3 ulasan:

peon berkata...

uishhh careful my dear.. ade org marah nanti cakap pasal shah alam !! haha

f a r i n a berkata...

hahaha...zeff ke?

tell him i love shah alam, nevertheless.
but something has to be done about this banjir problem.

sikit hari lagi, aku kena naik bot pergi ofis. aiyooo...

yayie berkata...

hahaha..shah alam tabesss

bandaraya dlm air

naik bot?

nak join..kool tuuu..hahaha

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