Sabtu, April 21, 2007

He said,
Gals don't like to wait, they want to have commitments. Therefore the first guy
who came around and gave them a ring, gets the nod. Tapi lepas tu kecewa, cerai,

I guess. Ada benarnya juga kata dia. I've seen examples of this happening. Or mungkin wanita lebih romantik and we believe in serendipity and fate more? (a friend of mine, lelaki of course, called these 2 words 'hbo craps'. haha...) Jadi kita lebih pasrah?

But one thing I realize. I'd rather be single and happy, rather than married but miserable.

And I also know this...

I don't want just any other guy. It's him that I want. Period.

1 ulasan:

k yati berkata...

unless u married the right person, who loves you so much and u both made beautiful children and build happy marriage together...that you appreciate each other's presence in your life..i promise u will never find misery once u tied the holy knot!

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