Sabtu, Mei 26, 2007

Entry hasil pencurian dari blog Syu: (sorry Syu, aku malas nak tulis. hehehe!)

Dear beloved friends of SSP9599,

The 3 Ilmu 10th years Gathering has been confirmed. Although it is the 3 Ilmu's gathering, we the self appointed committees members have agreed to open it to all SSP9599 (tidak kisahlah anda keluar sekolah ketika tingkatan 3 atau masuk ke sekolah pada tingkatan 4) .. in other words "ALL ARE WELCOME" (baca : JEMPUT HADIR ye SEMUA).

Below are the details :

Date: 1st Sept 2007 (Sabtu)
Please note that 31st August falls on a Friday, therefore that is a
long weekend, maka friends dari jauh dan dekat, really hope you
ladies can come down to kl time tu eh.

Time: 2.30 to 6.30 pm.

Payment: Rm50 per pax.

Location: Dewan Besar Sekolah Menengah Sains Seri Puteri, Jalan
Kolam Ayer (previously known as our beloved Sekolah Seri Puteri)

Theme: House colors.
Adalah datang dengan memakai warna rumah sukan anda,
hijau/biru/merah/ kuning, bukanlah datang memakai baju T-Shirt sukan!
But if u insist...suka hati lah labu! :-)

Please do spread the news around. If you are an SSPian from not from the SSP9599, kindly forward this news to any SSP9599 that you know as we would really like to get a really large number for this. If you are an SSP9599 and know any other of our friends that are not connected to the Internet, kindly pass this news to them. We, the self appointed committees are working hard extra hard to get this a successful event and would really love it if this news could go around to the others.

Power to the Internet and blog !!

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shamamia berkata...

ermmm aku bkn SSPian.. tapi aku 3 Ilmu juga :P haha

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