Khamis, Julai 19, 2007

Europe Tour: Day 2

Mom made me promise her I'd go to Saint-Ouen, home to Paris's flea market, the most important concentration of antique dealers and second-hand furniture dealers in the world. So that's what we did that Saturday morning (the flea market's only held every Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Bought this gorgeous purple patchwork boots for only 7euros! huhuh...happiness. My first purchase in Europe!
Then it was a bit of a rush, so what happened that afternoon was a bit of a blur to me. Lots of running around Paris, that's for sure.
We were suppose to catch an Easyjet flight to Madrid at 3.40, and we've to check in 40 mins before waktu berlepas. Akan tetapi, nasib tidak menyebelahi kami. delayed. Uhuk. Sampai di Airport Paris Orly at 3.20, and they refused to let us in. Demmit. (seb baik tak berubah menjadi terrorist di saat itu).
What else can we do...the next Easyjet flight to Madrid adalah pagi berikutnya. Maka...kami terpaksa membeli saja tiket of the next flight to Madrid...Iberia! Huhuh...imagine this. Easyjet's like, AirAsia. Iberia's like, Malaysia Airlines. Posh lah kan utk backpackers seperti aku dan Peon.
Kami pun macam 2 orang jakun naik Iberia tu. Jakun gile, I kid u not. Peon, u know wut u did and I can't thank u enuff! And alas...sampai juga kami ke Madrid at around 7. :-D
Pegi beli last bus tics to Sevilla dulu, then jalan2 di Puerta Del Sol which is the heart of the city. This is in theory the starting point of all roads in Spain (they call it the 'zero kilometer'). Very touristy. For dinner had 3-cheese pizza, ya ampun sedap nak mati! Seriously, it was just pesto, tomato, olive and 3 types of yummilicious cheese. Wheuuw.
Midnite bus to Sevilla. 6 hours journey, tidur...!!

p/s: Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak tahu nasib bag saya...Alhamdulillah, ia dijumpai semula! Al-kisah, ianya ditinggalkan di Malaysia. it came by the next flight to Paris, and they sent it to Zeff's place coz I was already in Spain.

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peon berkata...

iberiaa iberiaa ohh ko x citer dahla from orly sud gi orly ouest .. haha mmg amazing race btol.. haritu aku gi athens same gak even worse sampai² CDG, flight to athens cancel tibe² huhu berlari² tukar flight

f a r i n a berkata...

Hahaha...tu lah, siap kena tukar2 terminal! Macam kartun. No kidding, ko kena gi sampai CDG?? Bapak jauh okay. Selamat dah sampai athens?
Peon, nak pics spain! :-D

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