Sabtu, September 29, 2007

Semalam, told Wieza about Jco in Pavillion. She's so hyped about it, started googling and sending me pics of the heavenly donuts and heck, I'm hooked. For the rest of the day all I could think about is how to sink my teeth in one of those generously filled donuts with its light as air dough and that yummy sweet toppings or even the original glazed ones... *drooling*

I can't work, feel like crying. I decided, I need Jco. Fast.

But neither of us know if we can make it to Pavillion in time to buy the donuts cause we both had something else to attend to (a whole different story altogether, bakal diupdate later!) so kisah kami dah ala-ala Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle (errr...everyone has seen that movie kot?). It was a race againts time, (thanks to my partners in crime Zeff dan Peon yg sudi melayan aku yg sedang mengidam)but alas...

Behold the lovely sight!

Each box contains 12 donuts. Yup...I bought 2 freaking dozens!

What else to be said. It's good food. Who needs words when there's good food?

ehem. ehem. ehem.

Khamis, September 13, 2007

Almost a year ago, my mom gave me 1 year with him. Just 1 year, then it's all or nothing. At that time I just shrugged and laughed.

Now, exactly 1 year after we got to know each other, I realize mom's right. It has come down to all or nothing. And that it will take me a year to realize that. Sigh.

I wondered how do I say good bye when the time comes.
But I suppose, he won't even realize I am gone.
It's been a great year, knowing you has been a privilege. And I don't regret that.

Life goes on. Go on. Good bye.

Semoga kau ketemukan kebahagiaan hatimu. InsyaAllah.

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