Khamis, November 29, 2007

Had a kinda topsy turvy naik roller coaster emotional days lately. C said some things which I considered to be really, truly insensitive. And we quarreled. A lot. Lin said it's uniquely us, gaduh-baik-gaduh-baik. But it's tiring. Draining. All I'm left with at the end of the day is this thought, "Whatever! F*** lah." Which is not good.

On the other hand, there's also this new trainee in the office who looks much like Jericho Rosales. Which is good. Tak tipu okay, the kid is sooooo shirenn!! Boleh cuci mata. Lift up my spirits. Yayyy!

Ystrday, after another emotionally draining day, decided to head to the gym. Oh yeah, I've enrolled myself in one. Hahaha. Just a small favor I'm doing for my own body. Anyway, at the gym, I just got onto the treadmill when this cute PT came, borak...all the while this one joke C made which I found very insulting kept on playing on my head, so I popped a very important question to the PT. I engaged him. To be my personal trainer lahhh...fikir apa! :-)
I want C to eat his own words. Ha ha!

Here's a thought. Seize the day. Be happy. Whatever you do, choose to be happy. Ngehehehhe...

p/s: Cik Dha, I didn't get the shoes like u suggested, because the one I like, dah tak ada saiz! Sigh. Hope to get one tonite. *hugs*

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shamamia berkata...

weuuu.. lama x dgr khabar anda.. di luar mahupun di blog :) semuga baek2 sahaja :D

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