Isnin, Januari 21, 2008

Auditors sudah pulang, their field work is over but I still have to be prepared to answer any questions from the auditors regarding the accounts. But for now, dah boleh menarik nafas walaupun semput2.

Nidji's konsert at Ruums this wednesday (yeayy, Giring!!), Kak Yatie and family coming back to our shores on the 25th (that's Friday), Saturday and Sunday off to Cameron with Faie and Aida for Faie's bachelorette trip (sadly Puan Anis can't join us...sob sob) pastu hopefully, CNY in spore. Bought my tickets, harap2 boss beri restu. Huhuh.

p/s: i think, faizal tahir semi nude stunt, has been blown out of proportion. itupun nak jadi kes, apalah nak jadi, masyarakat makin lama makin bobrok kah?
mampos lah kalau aku kena gam for saying this. hahahahahhaa...

1 ulasan:

peon berkata...

setujuu pasal faizal tahir tuh..
alaa rilek2 la tah pape2 la nak gam2 tanak kasi masuk juara laguuu sume..abisstu artis pompuan pakai seksis tak kisah

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