Isnin, Februari 25, 2008

If you are living in Singapore or near its shores, you might wanna check this out:

DSX (that's Dengan Secara Xtreme) is a 90 minute concert, Imran Ajmain's officially 2nd showcase.

He will be backed by musicians handpicked from different popular local bands. He will be singing his originals, and covers chosen by his fans and visitors to his personal blog. A feat never done he will be attempting for the first time.

Why mid-week?

Because you shouldn't limit happiness to the weekends!

$22 each for online bookings at
$25 each at the door

Tickets are now available in Muzika Records (Tanjong Katong Complex and Joo Chiat Complex) at $24 each

Khamis, Februari 21, 2008

A long overdue update. Thanks if you still read by long, despite the longer lapse these days. I could blame work for it, or the lousy connection in my office, but I think, I've only myself to blame. Hehehe.

Updates, let's see...I've started a mengandam business. And wedding planning. To friends and families yang bagi support, mentally and financially, dari lubuk hati yang terdalam,
Terima kasihhhhhh!!!
I am bad at promoting myself so here goes...kawan2, kalau got function/dirisik/bertunang/berkahwin, looking for a make-up artist, you know the number to call. (hint: mine!) Ngehehehe.
And not just make up, if you need help looking for photographer, videographer, catering service, tukang buat kad kahwin, tukang buat website, tukang jahit, tukang cuci pinggan, tukang buat pelamin dan hantaran...I'm ur man! Eh. Woman. :-)

The other new thing in my life, I am not about to disclose it just yet, because I am still trying to work things out, and I haven't made up my mind about it. And no, I am not talking about getting married but tengkiyuverimuch.

Got stopped by a pakcik guard at work yesterday. He said, I've been looking glum lately, he asked if there's anything wrong. I was stumped. I knew I wasn't emotionally stable these past few weeks, but I thot I managed to cover it up. If even the security guard noticed, apa pula kata duniaa?? Yikes.
Kenapa saya mandom? Maybe I am jaded, maybe I am getting old, maybe I have lost my reason to smile, maybe...pakcik itu seorang penyibuk. Nevertheless, it got me thinking. And a bit worried.

And then came in a msg in my inbox, a saviour. Cik Onie ajak karaoke! Yeay! I love karaokeing (is that even a word?) with her. We both know when we do it, it is because we're both highly stressed up with life. But we don't talk about it, we just sing. And it is rather comforting to not dissect our problems to the core. To just, drown our sorrows by singing our hearts out (I bet once our sorrows hear us sing, they'd be begging to be drowned anyway).
We did Terra Rossa's Bunga Angkasa flawlessly (imagine that!), we did mawi and m.nasir impersonation, we tried Kak Melah's Kau Kunci Cintaku but failed, perhaps bcoz we were not wearing lighted up dresses (alasan. eheh), and I sang F4's Season of Fireworks! Hahaha...dah la lyrics tulis in chinese characters, main hentam kromo je. Onie said I sounded convincing. It was fun.

Dan hari ini terasa hati saya much2 lebih ringan. Alhamdulillah.

Bermula menghadapi hari dengan senyuman...Ayuh semua, gambatte kudasai!!

Bercakap tentang F4, they've got a new album out!
Tengok ni!

Selasa, Februari 12, 2008

A shout out to these 2 beautiful ladies, Min and Fai...


How old are you again btw? 16? Ahaks haks..

p/s: "time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted" - john lennon.

Isnin, Februari 11, 2008

Just got back from Spore. Had a good time there, chilling with Raudha and Noris, meeting their friends, checking out the local music scene and the fans, watching the corny tv shows, listening to a guy yakking away about why being a Singaporean is the best thing in the whole wide world (much to the amusement to other Sporeans listening to him too). I must say, it has been enlightening.

It was the longest time I've spent with Raudha altho we've been good friends for like, 6 yrs now I think? Raudz, do correct me if I am wrong. I am actually rather nervous, could go wrong. I mean, after years of communicating mainly via net and phone, talking face to face could ruin the friendship. Takut, okay! I hoped I didnt annoy her too much tho. Tapikan Cik, patut lah mereka suka push ur buttons, ur annoyed face is very cute lah! *lari, lari*.

Thanks for the good time, thanks for ur hospitality.
There could never be enuff thank yous!

Now...back to work. Sigh.

Jumaat, Februari 01, 2008

Salam Takziah buat Kikin dan keluarga.

Moga roh Arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yg beriman. InsyaAllah.

My sis Kikin, apa2 pun kami akan mendukungmu selalu. *hugs*
Merasa amat kehilangan. Feels like I found a soulmate and now he's gone. Haha...soulmate sounds too deep. But you know, it's like...I look at him, and I found myself.

Hidup macam landasan keretapi. Ianya jalan terus menerus menuju destinasi. Hopefully, landasan keretapi kami akan berselisih dan bertemu lagi. Sometime soon, I hope.

Till then...sob sob.

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