Isnin, Februari 11, 2008

Just got back from Spore. Had a good time there, chilling with Raudha and Noris, meeting their friends, checking out the local music scene and the fans, watching the corny tv shows, listening to a guy yakking away about why being a Singaporean is the best thing in the whole wide world (much to the amusement to other Sporeans listening to him too). I must say, it has been enlightening.

It was the longest time I've spent with Raudha altho we've been good friends for like, 6 yrs now I think? Raudz, do correct me if I am wrong. I am actually rather nervous, could go wrong. I mean, after years of communicating mainly via net and phone, talking face to face could ruin the friendship. Takut, okay! I hoped I didnt annoy her too much tho. Tapikan Cik, patut lah mereka suka push ur buttons, ur annoyed face is very cute lah! *lari, lari*.

Thanks for the good time, thanks for ur hospitality.
There could never be enuff thank yous!

Now...back to work. Sigh.

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