Isnin, Mei 05, 2008

So many things to write about. My Jogja trip (huhuu...kangen buangettt!! Hati ku tertinggal di sana...sob, sob), konsert Peterpan (huhuh, montot Ariel tetap menjadi pojaan hatikuuu!), A Nite with Anuar Zain (thanks LynnZ for the ticket! thanks Sou for remembering my name at that crucial moment! Sayang kamu berdua!!!) and make up class with Nurul Shukor (can't believe I could look the way I did after the make over. hahaha...). Pheww.

It's been a rather topsy turvy period for me (again). Good times, bad moments...
C'est la vie, oui?

Wait for the updates ya? Daaaa sweeties!

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