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KRU Posse, yo!

About a month ago, Ili called me to ask, "is KRU having a concert of some sort in july?" And I was like.."whaaa...?? I don't know... are they?? Why are u asking me? Do you know that I was..." Ili sniggered. "I know." Ouh.

And back then we confidently decided, nope, not going. Haha.

Wayyyyyyy before I became a Sheilagank, I was a KRU Posse thru and thru. Specs Rayban, Windbreaker, Bandana. My fave KRU member initially was Yusry, then berpaling arah ke Abang Long coz he's the brain of the group. Dari Hanya Kau ke Mengerti, to Janji Tinggal Janji dan Awas, Di Dalam Dilema, Ooh La La!, Vendetta, Dua, Setia Bersama, Ke Pintu Syurga, For You, Bidadari, Sayang, Perpisahan Terasing...even Yusry's Dekat Padamu, saya masih hafal lagu2 tersebut dan banyakkkkk lagi discography mereka. (ternyata, byk 'sampah' dalam otak. patut belajar lembab. haish)

But still, it came as a surprise to me that I actually said yes when Shamam called me up 3 days ago, asked me if I'd like to go to KRU's 16th Anniversary Showcase, the same one that Ili mentioned. Konon dah macam, huh?? KRU?? KONON. Dan tadi malam, berangkatlah Ili, Sor, Shamam and saya ke Ruums, and our kru posse side yg lama terkurung telah diunleash tak hengat punya.

Secara ringkas, Aznil was being Aznil, Flava was forgettable (to that guy with the freak haircut, tolonglah potong rambut anda, demi alam sekitar), Dafi dan Adam was so-so, Ladylike (a new girl-band from Sweden) hancur (they sang Candy's "Demam" and Ratu's "Teman Tapi Mesra" in English, tapi sumbang mambang, menari hancus, and someone should tell them that skimpy clothes doesn't necessarily mean sexy). Sleeq lived up to their name (I was quite impressed), The Lima comel2 je nyanyi lagu dangdut (and Taura itu aduhai...deg-degan dibuatnya), we missed Edry's performance, but for us the night only started when The Lima, Dafi dan Adam mula menyanyi lagu2 KRU. Terus kami bingkas bangkit meninggalkan kerusi dan menyanyi bersama lagu2 soundtrack zaman kanak2 ku. Mengerti, Awas, Fanatik, Ooh La La, Dua...merasa 10 tahun lebih muda, y'all! Ehem. Abang Long masih boleh rap, okay. (masih single juga, ehem)

Thanks Shamam, for the tics. I had funnnn!

Here's a little something about them:

KRU is 16 and living the dream. SHUIB TAIB finds out what the talented siblings are up amidst of their current success.

KRU can easily lay claim to being one of the most successful entertainment groups in Malaysia.

Arriving at their three-storey office, which they have been occupying for more than 10 years, I spotted three black BMWs of different models parked in front, symbols of their success.

Their office comprises three recording studios, a mini theatre, a CGI studio, three editing suites and a dubbing studio. Next to it is its merchandise store called Kalcha.

But if you were to ask the guys, they would have told you that having your own record label was furthest from their minds when they signed up with international record label EMI 16 years ago.

Indeed, it was in 1992 when brothers Norman, Yusry and Edry first burst onto the music scene with its brand of pop music.

“When we went to EMI, it was actually not an audition but more like an job interview.

“Edry was still in his school uniform. Through a friend, EMI got hold of our demo and when they met us, they asked us questions like ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’

“We told them that someday we would like to have our own studio,” recalled Norman, 36.

The idea of a record label only came much later, he said.

“We wanted a studio because we were so much into music and the production process. But they said we have to first be artistes. So we said, ‘let’s do it’,” explained Edry, 32.

“Usually boy bands only sing songs but we were involved in the creative process as well. To be honest, Norman was the only one who enjoyed being onstage all these years. We never did like the limelight. If you remember when we started, it was me and Edry at the back with our music instruments,” said Yusry, 35.

Although KRU signed with EMI on May 19, the talented siblings chose June 6 as its anniversary because it was the date they started their record label.

What are their celebration plans?

“We will celebrate with a bang. Previously, we organised ballroom performances but they were boring. It’s better for us to get close to our fans and so a showcase is more relevant. What better place than the venue for our first concert in 1993 — the Life Centre in Kuala Lumpur,” said Norman.

“At the time, when we performed there, we thought we were on top of the world. Wow! So many people came. Of course, now the place feels much smaller!” laughed Edry.

Still, fans of KRU will be in for a treat.

“We will showcase talents under our label. They are from Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Altogether, we have seven artistes. It’s a great platform to recap what has happened throughout the years.

“The whole idea is to remember how it all started, about living the dream and believing in it as well.

“The company is still a ‘teenager’ so it will be a sweet 16 birthday. It’s important for us to organise this event. I hope people will look at KRU’s success beyond being singers, actors or whatever. Look at the substance behind it. And by the way, Edry will also perform for the first time as a solo artiste,” said Norman.

“Yes, I dumped them!” said Edry, eliciting laughter from Norman and Yusry.

“Once in a while, I do enjoy performing. It’s not something that we hate, but at the same time it’s not something we love that much, either. Both me and Edry prefer to be in the background while Norman is more of a people person. Just look at the way he talks ... like a politician,” said Yusry.

Norman, meanwhile, said he “doesn’t actually like recording”.

“I prefer going on tours and doing all the fun stuff,” he added.

“Yes, and score with the chicks,” quipped Edry.

“No, I’m still a virgin!” exclaimed Norman, much to our amusement.

While most artistes will use their first pay cheque to purchase the latest attire, shoes, make-up, car and what-not, the guys’ thoughts revolve around business.

“We bought a keyboard with our first payment. Yes, it was invested back into the company. We still have it,” said Edry.

Norman explained: “We started the group first and by default we managed our own career.

“But we never saw ourselves as serious businessmen until 1996 when we started our own record label which, incidentally, was prompted by Datuk Tony Fernandes. I totally admire him.”

Well, after 16 years, the guys have not done too badly. They have spread their wings to Indonesia, churned out box-office hits (Cicakman, for instance, amassed RM5.2 million in ticket sales), directed music videos, managed artistes and written songs.

Did I mention that these guys are talented?

Credits New Straits Times (Malaysia)

Foto 16 tahun yang lalu. :-)

p/s: just texted Norman, wishing him congratulations for their 16th anniversary. And he replied, as always.

I've reallllly gotta grow up!

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Lynn berkata...

echewah, siap text Norman lagi. I pulak dengan selamba declined DD's offer to go to Ruums by simply saying, "I got futsal". :)) siot kan

f a r i n a berkata...

hahaha...agak lah! especially andai itu fabricated excuse only!
DD now so kurus eh, even Abang Chik lebih berisi (i must admit, 10 yrs ago never thot that cud be possible!)

shamamia berkata...

show yg sangat santai.. duduk2 minum2.. and at the end.. layannn abiss~~~ sweet 17 party akankah lebih asik?? :>

anis1032 berkata...

Hello there. I was googling KRU 16th anniversary, then ur came up. hehe sure best jumpa KRU!

anis1032 berkata...

Hello there. I was googling KRU 16th anniversary, then ur came up. hehe sure best jumpa KRU!

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