Rabu, Julai 30, 2008

rumble grumble

Do you know that feeling, despite the smiles and the laughter, you still feel hallow inside? Like ada yg tak kena?

Like you're sad? Like tears wells up in your eyes for no apparent reason? Like you want to run away but not sure from what, or whom?

It's happening to me and I wonder why.

The security guards in CSR has always been great to me. Today, this one guy saluted me from afar. He said, he hasn't seen me being 'ceria' for quite some time, so he did that to get me to smile. So I did. Hahaha...it's not the first time he made this sort of comments about me, and I've blogged about him before too.
There's one who calls me 'puteri'.
There's another who calls me 'Datin'.
And another who would always tell me I looked good (despite the lousy uniform).
I should thank them, for making life in CSR bearable.

I shall now try to smile like I am not faking it.

p/s: or i could do the normal trick which is to blame pms for every single teeny weeny thing. but i am not pre-menstruating. Semoga Allah kurniakan petunjuk...amin, aminn, aminnn.

btw. Yatt, Liyana, Peon, Faatin kuasa dua, korang memang rempit tertunda.

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yatt berkata...

yup, 'that' feeling....

hahahha, gileee rempit semalam....best best best!!

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