Jumaat, Ogos 29, 2008

Back at Work

After 3 days of graciously resting at home, I am back at work. Better internet connection, oh how I miss you! I'm still a bit weng, but being able to walk without collapsing with exhaustion and sheer headache after 5 steps is a major achievement! Hoorey!

Balik office tengok bosses pun dah penuh tisu satu meja. Hahahaha...patutlah boss emo, rupanya berjangkit!

Another Hoorey...Momzy's back! In case ada yang belum tahu, my mom was in Canada for almost a month. For work. She got back yesterday, and got me these:

Cinta hati saya yang terbaru... (ngehehehehe)

A couple of these...

and a few other stuffs.

It's no wonder lah kan kenapa demam saya terus sembuh? Hehehehe...

I love you, Mak!

3 ulasan:

shamamia berkata...

2nd hand pon tak keysahla Mak! hahaha

wieza berkata...

naakkk juugaaaaakkkkkkk
auntie amek laa saye jadi anak angkat

Im berkata...

ternyata.. ternyataaa... bag itu chantekkk.

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