Jumaat, Ogos 22, 2008

The Friendship

The picture's incomplete, but if I could tag on these pics, the rest of adek beradek darah abadi would be placed in our hearts. There's a permanent space there for "adek beradek kesayangan" which certainly doesn't include Miss You-Know-Who! Hahaha...
Never could I imagine, from the catchy tunes of 'Dan', would bring to me my dearest sahabat2 sejati!
And it also brought us to know this ever so beautiful, sweet lady named Adelia Lontoh.

One thing for sure, Om Duta is a damn lucky man.

Ibu ini menangis pun, aduhai...masih kekal cantiknya! Coba kalo aku...pasti udah bengkak2 semua kayak ikan buntal.
(ok fine, kalo tak menangis pun mmg dah mcm ikan buntal. haish)


2 ulasan:

Nurul berkata...

sgt terharu liat poto2nya...smoga sy bs jadi part of the poto di pertemuan akan dtg.... :)

shamamia berkata...

mudah2an kita semua bisa :)

p.s. fg, foto2 ini wajib di letak dalam frame :)

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