Khamis, Ogos 21, 2008

The Launch

I know I've so many things that I promised I would blog about but still haven't got to it yet. My bad. Now that I finally have some free time, I intend to blog about all those backlogged matters. Hahaha...usaha tangga kejayaan, jia yo!

If I could say this, I think it went really well. For an event that was actually organized in less than 1 week, which includes finding the venue, finalizing stuffs, promotion...the turn-up was more than we predicted, Alhamdulillah. Lots of familiar faces, new ones too, old friendships strengthened, new ones were formed.
Am proud of the organizing committee too...if 2 months ago, someone were to tell me, I'd be sitting and chatting and joking around with these group of people, I would probably laugh it off. Like, no way! But seriously, they turned out to be a great bunch of people, and I would have regretted it if I didn't join the committee (I almost didn't). I helped out in several events before, but this launch, I think is the easiest, least stressful one. And most enjoyable too! Semua orang tahu kerja masing-masing, saling membantu dan mendukung, and that made work became much, much smoother.
Sheilagank Malaysia Committee, korang memang poyo! LOL. And it's truly an honor to be working with you guys. Jalan teruss, pantang mundur yeah?

And kepada dek beradek darah abadi saya, thanks so much...i heart uolls sangatsss!

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Im berkata...

big huggggggggggggggggg...
cipika cipiki

Nurul berkata...

selamat yaaa buat kalian...proud dpt jadik salah sorang sgank my :) and extremely proud & thankful for having you;ll as my adek beradek darah abadi....mmmuachhhh!!

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