Khamis, Ogos 21, 2008

The Love

Somebody commented that I am too happy lately, laksana orang dilamun cinta. (Ehem, yes, you know who you are) Hahaha. If only he can actually see me, he would probably comment about my ever smiling face too. Not that it's a bad thing. The thing is...He is right.

I am in love.

Only not in the way that he thinks.

This is the guy who stole my heart:

His partner in crime, the girl who's helping him keep it:

Kakak dan Dedek, tolong jaga hati tante baik2 ya. Ntar kalo ketemu lagi, balikin ya.
Just like I promised to keep this balloon safe for you two. Hahaha...(maksudnya kempes kah hatiku nanti? :p)

1 ulasan:

Im berkata...

saya sayang mereka juga.
gppkan kalo dishare ;-).
lupa nak tanya kakak.. dia nangis gak ya waktu 'om adam kebakaran' ittew?

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