Sabtu, Ogos 23, 2008

The Music In Me

Got this email sometime back:

Beb, ko free tak 17hb at 8.30pm (Sunday night)? Aku beli tiket extra high school musical on ice, harga rm55 and tgh cari sape nak pergi dgn aku ni. Hahaha..main beli je dgn harapan ada org teman. Will u be my date? ;). Bende tu kat stadium bkt jalil

Well, okay, it wasn't the way I expected to be asked for a date, but nevertheless, I said yes. Although I was never a huge fan of High School Musical, but I did like Grease and my siblings have been saying that it's much similar, so I was willing to give HSM another shot at winning my heart. Hahaha.

Gabriella Montez

Go Wild Cats!

East High School

Troy and Gabriella singing 'You Are The Music In Me'

Curtain call


My Date

The Verdict?

I had fun! Thanks Liyana!
Sing it now " na na na, na na na are the music in me..." :)

2 ulasan:

azhe azam berkata...


haa amek ko, sekali banyak ko update pasal sheila tuh.. ceria ko nampak sangatt!! and it rubs on others as well!!

ehehe, thanks for the bday wish..

nampaknye mata ko sudah pulih sepenuhnye tepat pada masanya!!!

take care, muah muah

liydan berkata...

owh..aku harus ajak dating dgn lebih romantik ye? hahahaha..btw..had fun!!! thanks for coming with me when you were clearly very tired. hugss..

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