Ahad, Ogos 03, 2008

The Oversized White Sunnies Returns

Where? When? Why?...Here!

More updates later!

5 ulasan:

peon berkata...

hahahahaha aku rase mcm org gileee

Nadya berkata...

ahahaha..peon sewelss..

dang i missed it!!

yatt berkata...


why i wasnt aware of this??

f a r i n a berkata...

errr...becoz u weren't in town? you were in cameron highlands lahhh!

and we kept it hush2 coz it's supposed to be a surprise for ifi.

anis-chan berkata...

sapa kata wan sue xsesuai pakai sunnies cni? (dia sdri yg ckp.. hahaha) comel jerr! :D

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